About Us

Paddle India is a professional adventure sports outfitter headquartered in Rishikesh - India .Equipped with latest safety equipments and comprising of seasoned professionals specializing in White water rafting, Kayaking, Trekking, Camping in the Himalayas .

Paddle India is one of the best organizers of Treks, Expeditions, Yoga retreats and Family vacations in Indian Himalayas.

Paddle India offer a wide range of activities and destinations, as well as being able to customize the experience for both large and small trips and expeditions to the Himalayas. We take pride in being innovative and exploring the unexplored trails in the Himalayas. Whether you are planning a simple family vacation, corporate group trip or a challenging trip, we can meet your needs with professionalism and a personal touch.

Activities :- Adventure Travel In the Himalayas :- Trekking, Rafting, Combo Adventures, Cultural Tours, Family Adventures and Yoga/Trek Retreats

Destinations :- The Himalayan Belt :- Uttarakhand and Ladakh Himalayas.

Owner Desk :

  • The owner of Paddle India, wish you an exhilarating and memorable adventure with us. We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for both our staff and customers.

    Paddle India is members of the Uttarakhand Tourism Industry Association and Mukesh Joshi has a vast experience of river and mountain guiding on most of the rivers and mountain of India and also internationally.

Our Mission:

  • "Our mission is to provide our clients with a thoroughly professional and friendly service while enhancing the wealth of experience of clients and staff alike. By taking the utmost pride in everything we do we will ensure that Paddle India becomes acknowledged as the premier provider of quality recreational and tourism products which are in keeping with the continued well being of our natural environment.

Safety :

  • Safety and attention to detail are a priority here at Paddle India. An absolute commitment to safety by everyone who works with us has allowed us to achieve the lowest risk assessment rating. All the time our rafts and trips are fully fitted with first-aid and safety kayakers always accompanies the trip all the time.

Guides :

  • All river guides are fully qualified and certified by the Uttarakhand Tourism Department. Each raft guide is trained to the highest standard and is assessed before being allowed to work commercially. Each guide, staff and drivers has a detailed knowledge of the areas and activities encountered in our tours. They are motivated, enthusiastic individuals who add a wealth of personal experience to their detailed training to ensure you have a stimulating and enjoyable adventure with us.

Rafts and Equipment :

  • Paddle India provides top quality rafts and equipment that meet or exceed required International safety standards. Each well maintained raft is in excellent condition and undergoes a warrant of fitness inspection on an annual basis.

Age is irrelevant, its about mental toughness and the will to reach your goals

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We plan a limited number of uttarakhand trek outings each summer, and multiple Grand outings each spring and fall. We hope you decide to join us.